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Jul 18, 2011 - 5 comments




Its been forever sice i've posted on here well this is whats been going on last november i had a D&C found out i had pre cancer cells again just like 2008 so i started prometrium full time for 6months but started having lots of pain in my right side so in april went to dr did ultra sound everything normal the lining was not thick at all so in june I had another ultra sound found out i was 5 weeks prego then M/ced 2weeks later. July 7th had D&C because lining was thick even after losing my baby went to dr friday15th found out I have cancer in my uterus so now I will be having a hysterectomy August 29th. I can't believe i have to deal with this at 25yrs old it just seems so crazy because all i have ever wanted was to have just one child but never was able to do that so now i feel that I am giving up a part of me doing this hysterectomy I also feel I am a failure of a women and wife cause i can't give my husband a child. If anyone reads this please pray for me that I can get though this time of need and i can keep sane during this hard time. I'm having Da vinci Surgery for my hysterectomyso my heal will only take about 4 weeks and i will only have to stay overnight in the hospital. This year has been so horrible been in and out of the hospital all year first my gallblander removed and my uterus,tubes and overies so i will only have major oragans left..

Thanks for reading,

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by JoyRenee, Jul 18, 2011
Heather - my heart is with you sweetie! You're not a failure as a woman and a wife. There are just some things out of our control and that doesn't make you a failure whatsoever. Prayers for a very quick and speedy and EASY recovery, friend!

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by Heathermommytobe, Jul 18, 2011
Thank you joy for the prayers its just really to see how life has changed so fast.

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by tmmd, Aug 10, 2011
I read your post and just burst into tears! I truely know how you feel. I have been through 3 LLETZ treatments for abnormal cells (gcin) and d&c, and was so delighted to get the all clear in January after having most of my cervix removed. Unfortunately when I went for review in March it was discovered that again i have high grade abnormalities which are not responding to treatment and the only sure treatment option is hysterectomy. I couldnt accept this and went for a second and a third opinion from the best in the field, but it seems its inevitable. I'm 33 and I too feel like Im a failure, like I wont be a real woman when its done. It just feels like no one understands. I know things could always be worse, Im trying to stay positive but it is difficult!

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by sweetnsassy31, May 14, 2012
hi, I'm 42yrs I've been reading different stories about hysterectomy. I'm in the process of having a partial just the uterus being removed. I have to tell you from reading I'm not sure if I want to go on with it.

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by Heathermommytobe, May 14, 2012
sweetnsassy31, Having a hyterectomy is a very scary thing i had left medhelp for a long time because i was dealing with horrible depression and if the reason you are havinng a hysterectomy for your health you need to do also make sure it is what you want cause its forever. I had a tough time healing from the surgery and i had to be on hormons to slow down my menopause thats tough to deal with being 26 now truthfully it was the best thing i did now because I am feeling so much better when i had it done my found out i had endometissos that we never knew about and my ovaries were the size of apples so that wasn't normal it sometimes is hard to know i won't have my own child,but life does get better i also had people tell me don't have it done your sex life won't be the same and that my husband wouldn't wait to be with me in that way all those people who said that were wrong. I hope you do what is best for you good luck.

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