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Leg cramps... a re-visit

Jul 19, 2011 - 5 comments

leg cramps


Green smoothies



A curious note you may find interesting... after giving up processed foods I began to get truly horrible leg/foot cramps that became 24 hour constant cramp in my shins as well as constantly burning feet.  Hyland's homeopathy for leg cramps helped for a while but then quit helping.  I tried every combination of minerals/electrolytes including but not limited to individual (high quality) minerals like magnesium (worst cramps I had were that night), potassium, manganese (seemed to help a little), Solaray Mega Multi Mineral, Pure Essence Labs Magnesium Plus, and others.  No help.

Recently, while really hungry and nowhere near home, I thought "one sandwich won't kill me" and bought a roast beef sandwich on honey/oat bread with spinach, onion, and mayonnaise.  That night I had no leg cramps (feet still burned).  So I bought a plain, cheap loaf of honey/oat bread... two slices a day is sufficient to keep the leg cramps at a tolerable level.  Organic, whole wheat honey/oat bread I've tried actually doesn't work as well!  Also, this week I bought something new to try... ENER G brand Brown Rice Yeast-Free Loaf bread (I have a long-standing problem with fungus).  It tastes terrible, but ONE slice of this bread per day not only stops the leg/foot cramps but even my feet burning is greatly reduced.  The ingredients are Filtered Water, Brown Rice Flour, White Rice Flour, High Oleic Safflower Oil, Leavening (glucono-delta-lactone, sodium bicarbonate, calcium carbonate, magnesium carbonate & monocalcium phosphate), Methylcellulose, Sodium Carboxymethulcellulose, Salt, Orange Citrus Fiber.  What do you make of this???

Update 7/19/11

I've been on the road since right after I wrote this and have tried many types/brands of bread.  Some don't help at all, some take up to four slices a day to help, none but the EnerG bread helped with the burning of the soles of my feet (and it has a shelf-life that makes me unwilling to eat it now that I know about it).  

I've been at my wit's end as the leg cramps interfere with sleep at a time when I really, really need my sleep.  

Since being back East the leg cramps have resumed intensity and I've been through four kinds of bread trying to find one that helps.  The night before last was the worst, so yesterday, in desperation, I spent the morning researching the Internet without success.  Coincidentally, I ran across a link to rebuild-from-depression and, since that's a long-standing issue, I checked out the website.  While there I saw a link about phytic acid and since I eat raw nuts I was curious... all I knew about it was that it blocks the absorption of minerals.  

I've suspected for a long time, based on my research and the supplements I've tried, that it's not a deficiency of minerals at fault, but rather an imbalance... but I'd done everything I knew to do... super-charged, dark leafy green heavy green smoothies (up to three quarts a day), all sorts of supplements (chelated, in combination, ionic form, everything I could find).  Since I gave up processed foods I've been getting into raw nuts via either raw, organic almond butter or via a homemade trail mix I keep on hand (and replenish frequently) containing some combination (organic when available) of raw cashews, almonds, sunflower seeds, and/or pumpkin seeds, dried fruit, puffed organic rice, and organic cereal flakes (made from spelt, amaranth and corn).  

So, I'm reading about phytic acid when it occurs to me... what if the phytic acid blocks (or deactivates, or whatever?) the uptake of minerals unevenlly (or something?).  what if because of this there was no way for me to supplement the "missing" mineral/electrolyte?  What if I don't eat raw nuts, seeds or grain for a while?  (I confess, even after hearing coincidentally in a youtube video that almonds contain phytic acid and that before making almond milk you should soak them, I don't soak my raw nuts.)  

Yesterday I ate no raw nuts or seeds in any form.  When I went to bed last night my shins hurt so bad and my feet burned so intensely I was apprehensive about what the night held in store... my leg cramps go all the way to my hips and defy walking, massage, homeopathy, ice, heating pads, codeine, metaxalone, ibuprofen, apple cidar vinegar with honey, dill pickle juice, serious amounts of Vitamin D3 twice a day, and everything else I've tried but the bread.  

As usual, I didn't sleep well (adrenal exhaustion), but when I got up this morning I had had no leg cramps all night.  

There will be no nuts, seeds, or unsoaked/uncooked grains today or in the near future while I pursue this.  (Oh, darn!  I've already put rice protein powder in the green smoothies for the next two days and they're so expensive to make... well, I'm drinking them, but none of that powder in the next batch.)  

Further update 3/16/12

Being broke, I'm back to more conventional eating.  With the reintroduction of salt-containing foods I now have only occasional leg cramps.  So I'm using high-mineral pink Himalayan salt that I found online at $19 for 5lbs.

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by WAlilacsh, Nov 27, 2012
Try soaking 1/3 c raw oats in 1 cup water and drink the water.  This is an old Indian recipe my dad (a General Practitioner) got from some of his tribal patients.  Can't let the oats heat up or heat the water... there is an acid that is in raw oats that will help leg cramps.  It has worked for decades in my family and helped everyone I have suggested use it.  Do this daily... put a bit of concentrated juice in the water after it has soaked to make it taste better.

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by Dee1956, Nov 14, 2013
Thank you for this. I started having leg cramps again a few days ago.  I just happened to come across your journal.  I realized that this week I started to eat raw almonds.

Thank you so much

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by Willy50, Nov 14, 2013
I've heard that this is better salt; I've no clue.
(I always find the comments very interesting on amazon-anecdotal but worth a read)

I theorize it is due to imbalance or depleted minerals.
I would get nocturnal leg cramps following electrolyte depletion due to heat/sweating (either from running or many hours working in the sun)
but I interpret that I was always low, and that a sudden withdrawal caused me to "overdraw my account".  The result would be leg cramps.
Gatorade or bananas did not seem to help.

I'm uncertain if this will remain an issue, but I have not had any now in a while.

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by katrinika, Nov 14, 2013
Mine were/are with very little activity and while eating an impeccable diet.  It's either detox or mineral imbalance, and possibly a combination of the two for me.  ACV is helping now that I'm more aware of phytic acid...

except when I do something stupid like handle spackling, caulk, spray foam, and Kilz paint with my bare hands and no fumes mask.  :(  Poisoned myself terribly.  All kinds of frightening neurological symptoms, including dizzyness, vomiting, sudden falling from a standing position (no tripping, I just begin to drop and catch myself), high BP, headache over any increase in BP, joint pain.  I'm an idiot.  It was urgent and I thought, "This once won't hurt."  Wrong.

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by Chris81479, Mar 31, 2017
Similar situation here...after 3 years of eating organic almond butter a few days a week, I stopped it and shin/foot cramps, excessive thirst at night kicked in heavy.

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