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Don't wait for kindergarten

Jan 22, 2008 - 0 comments





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Health care in America

Read my blog on how to ask for an EEN evaluation for spec ed.   I want all to know that child find is not just for school-age children.   This is how to get early intervention services..   Birth to 3 and early intervention preschool programs can all come from  child find.  

I guess since this is from the school district, parents think kids need to be school age.  NO!  This is also for little ones, too!  

I'm sticking my neck out here saying this on a medical forum:  I don't expect much from the American medical community in the way of initiating services for therepy.  The medical community is driven by the insurance industry and their goal is cutting costs and keeping costs down.   Somewhere in my lifetime the science of medicine became the business of health care.   When I was young, we talked a lot about medical science.  Nowadays the talk is about healthcare expendetures.

OTOH, the educational community (well, special ed, anyway) is driven by United States federal law.   They are mandated to seek after children with developmental delays. Granted, some states ate better than others at doing this.   The more EEN children they have in their caseload, the more funding they receive.  

Contrast this with the medical community, referals must be cleared by the HMO/insurance.   Insurance may only approve enough to make a profit.  So you get approved for 6 sessions of PT.  Don't even think of newer therepies that mhave been shown to work well.  That's called "experimental."     So your child gets just enough therpy to show SOME improvement in function  in the next eval but not enough to be effective in a lifetime.

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