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Doctors.... Do they really know what they're doing?

Jul 19, 2011 - 1 comments

I know it's call practice but is it every going to get better? I went to the doctor today and it just burns me up to go from one of my doctors saying let's see what the other doctor say and then this doctor that we are waiting to say something says let's see what the other doctor say!!! WTH I don't get it no one wants to touch my medicine list with a ten foot pole because they are scared they will ....what make me feel bad...too late...been there done that. I have a medication list that is a full page long..let's see I take 12 in the AM and 19 in the PM and I know they all mesh together some how but they need to be evaluated. Just feeling overwhelmed and so freaking tired!

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by Mom2four85, Jul 20, 2011
I sometimes wonder the same thing; I was told sometimes there's just no answers, sorry you're having to go through this also.  

Have you been to one of the larger hospitals like Cleveland or Mayo, John Hopkins? my first cardiologist told me I should go to Mayo right off the bat but my insurance wouldn't approve the visit because I hadn't exhausted all options before going there.

with medicine the way it is today you would think there would be some answers and help for complicated do you deal with so many meds? I'm on 4 and can't imagine that many - are some to counteract the effects of other meds?

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