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1st Midwifes appointment

Jul 20, 2011 - 2 comments


So today i went to see the midwife, she's not mine as it was her day off, mines called Jenny, always a freind sort of name is Jenny so that's nice! lol.
Anyway filling all the questions re;health ect and they asked about our familys so they can rule out any inherited issues.
Because Sam's dad is Tunisian sam could be a carrier for Sickle Cell and some other long worded blood dissorder so i had to have a blood test, now if mine comes back and is shows i am a carrier sam will then be tested to make sure, then if we both are carriers 'smudge' (as i've taken to calling him/her) will be high risk. But as all my family and annsestors are all White British, its mainly people that there annsestors came from places that have Malaria, i.e Africa ect....
Lots and lots of info overload, telling us about all the things they screen for at the 12 week scan like Down's Syndrome.
Have had a bath and read up so am ready to get going now, roll on next week.

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by JessWishes2, Jul 20, 2011
p.s also forgot to add, i got weighed today OMG!, the last time i was something like 10.5 stone, today 12!!! just converted it to pounds for this and its 168Lbs. Wow. lol

1240856 tn?1333440354
by loved29, Jul 21, 2011
hey sounds brilliant. xx

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