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Life Changes again

Jul 22, 2011 - 0 comments

This past few weeks have been stressful. My x-husband wants me back but I wasn't game to try again but he is trying to win me over and make up for his errors. He has been pressuring me to go abroad with him to Europe and China like we used to travel. This has stressed me out because I just started a new teaching position but had not been contracted yet so that was one issue then to take to a month off would jeopardise my new teaching position which they were still deciding to put me on full time or after the school break. Plus, because I did decide to go on the trip, I had to give up my new apartment that I just rented 2 months ago due to my boyfriend of 10years come this Dec dumping me and running off with a women he meant in a bar 4 months ago...with our Dog"Kira" an wonderful Akita....Blah, Blah, then this urinary tract infection/VB...and giving up my job position for a subsitute position, and giving up my newly found freedom and apartment...
I want to scream!!!!!

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