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September 08,after Lumbar Puncture

Sep 28, 2008 - 0 comments

lumbar puncture







As I wrote in my posts the Lumbar Puncture went a bit wrong. I passed out during then bolted up out of the bed when I came to. I really thought I had done some damage as the doctor looked so worried and when I asked if everything was OK she said no. She was actually just shook up herself and annoyed she hadn't got it finished.

I have been having lots of mild symptoms like muscle twitching, fuzzy feelings (toes and fingers), eye twitching, mood swings, (that might just be me though), my usual spinal burning and tingling but mainly when I am not keeping up with my yoga, some mild numbness in my right arm and slight loss of feeling in left hand and some dull aching, slightly painful feelings in fingers and left arm and left leg. These symptoms seem to get worse when I am stressed. I made an appointment to see my Neurologist to discuss them. I ended up seeing the specialist registrar instead as she was busy. He said it was stress and not a relapse or anything like that. He thought a lumbar puncture would be a good idea and I reluctantly agreed.

I was meant to have my Lumbar puncture on Friday but when I turned up they said it had been cancelled but no one had let me know. I had arranged babysitters and turned down work and was very nervous leading up to it so was not happy. I think there had been a misunderstanding as I was meant to go in for an LP two weeks after the one that went wrong and my Neuro cancelled that, which I knew about, so I think she saw I was in for this one and said to the nurse it was meant to be cancelled. Who knows! Its not the first time they have messed up with me. There was some confusion over one of my scan results. I was told at one point I had more lesions but it had been a mistake. I now don't know if I need the LP or not and have to wait until the 12th of December for a review. I have had the Lyme blood test but not received my results yet.

Apart from this all is generally OK. I have lost two stone since the beginning of summer.

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