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Jul 23, 2011 - 0 comments

after about 3 weeks no drinkn smokin ciggarettes nuthing ive been great...but severe depression till the point where ive had severe anxiety/panic attacks i hate the fact of why i feel like this and why is there a reason why im always feeling like this..ive drank a little bit yesterday beer and a couple shots of liqour and i think i KNO i messed up my regular body cycle of increasing my drinkn all over again & ended up in the ER i called the ambulance myself becuz i was having a severe eye pain 2 the point where i couldnt c anything on my rite eye..shifted 2 my left eye & then got 2 my brain very weird sensations ive gotten until the point where i wasnt feeling rite i had tingling sensations and more...but i still having a little bit of a headache,,i hope will go away soon.....

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