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Time to visit.

Sep 28, 2008 - 0 comments

Hi my friends on the Forum,  I have been off line for quite a while because my computer became infected and terrible things were popping up out of no where so I unplugged it for fear my children would see these images.  It is still acting up so I use it rarely.  I have had some friends try to contact me - I am so sorry I didn't receive the notes until just recently, and I will get back to you all.

I am doing very well - still feel anxious at times though overall very calm and happy.  I have quit taking my Zoloft, I forgot to take it when I was on vacation and I was on such a low dose I figured I would quit.  That was a month ago and I feel fine - I can be an intense person and while on the Zoloft I was much easier going.  My intensity is back and my hubby is thrilled because he says "that's you" and he's right.  The Zoloft really worked for me to help me through the anxious period and I won't hesitate to use it again if it gets out of control.  However I have learned sooooo many great tools this last year on how to deal with my anxiety it may be a thing of the past, we shall see.

I hope all my friends are well and hanging in there-take care.  Erin

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