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Jul 25, 2011 - 2 comments

Ive been having heartburn and terribale cramps I broke and took a test the pee o a stick aholic i am  and it was a bfn  I know its too early . im very moody and feel like crying today but those are my normal pms symptoms im on cd 29 Iast month i had a 32 day cycle but before that i had a 27day cycle its been varying scence my m/c

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1708784 tn?1356226014
by babbyboo, Jul 25, 2011
well i really hope u get your super sticky bean  this month, but i too am a pee on a stick aholic , just cant help myself xxx SSBD X

1243047 tn?1321979236
by jessie5n8, Jul 25, 2011
I hope and pray you get a sticky one also! SSBD, keep us posted. Also I am happy to see that you found a re that listened and is going to do something for you that you have been waiting on if this isn't the month. Good luck ...

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