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Triple Therapy Week 2

Jul 26, 2011 - 7 comments

hep c




week 2




triple therapy





I wanted to try and track my symptoms and SE. Decided this may be a good way to go. I've enjoyed reading other's journals. I was terrified last year when diagnosed and denied tx. Cirrhosis is Grade 4 Stage 4 - ascites, varices, blood transfusions. It literally came on in less than 24 hours. When the transplant team saw my Meld go down, they agreed to treat, but made me wait for Telaprevir. I've battled many fears leading up to this decision. I decided I had to give it a shot. The cure rate for hep c is sooo positive.
Armed w/ supplements, healthy diet, positive surroundings, 24/7 prayer, yoga and exercise... I'm flipping 2 weeks in! I'm astounded at how well I feel most days. I'm not up to par. I know it's early. I almost prepared for the worst, and so far am doing a lil happy dance as my body works with the RX to heal me. Well, I'm crying again. Lots of tears lately.
Mostly tears of gratitude. I'm so grateful today for the men and women who sat over lab tables working, pondering statistics, cellular structure, liver functions and a myriad of other experiments for years to give US all this moment.  

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by cctex, Jul 27, 2011
Beautifully said thanks to research teams.  Good luck on a continuing positive experience.
BTW- which other two parts of treatment are you taking? (shots & pills)

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by crossroadsec, Jul 27, 2011
I'm brain fog mama. I thot I answered this..
6 am Telaprevir 2 Riba 3
2 pm Telaprevir 2
6 pm Riba 2
10 pm Telaprevir 2
Fri. 10 pm Pegasys inj

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by cctex, Jul 27, 2011
I'm doing the same as you but at 5, 1 and 9.  Riba at 5 pm.  And for the next two weeks I'm on the Pegasys, too.  After that - the dreaded PegIntron Redi-pen and Rebetrol or Rebetol....

Listen to me!!! I may not react to it so severely this time around with the Telaprevir added.  I'll sure let ya know how it goes.

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by Dee1956, Jul 28, 2011
Hi there, thanks so much for the journal, I am 54, geno 1A stage 2 grade 4 cirrhosis so am close to being in the same boat with you, up a creek with 3 paddles!
I will be starting tx in the next month or so, the nurse is going to call with information, dates, times etc
I appreciate you sharing your journey  it does help others and it is important to have the support of others..  I will be treating for the second time and I pray this works for all of us
Good luck

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by crossroadsec, Jul 28, 2011
Dee, I'll be looking for updates on your status. I remember that waiting. The protease inhibitors are SO promising. It's your turn. Hugs, Karen ( tried to send you a note but messed up. lol)

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by his3707, Jul 29, 2011
Hi, Glad that you are keeping a journal for your Journey....  I like reading the journals sometimes better than just the questions on the forum.  Stay in touch and i'll be praying for you that you have minimal sides and can keep that silly fun attitude of yours going!   It was hard for me to have a good attitude for several weeks.  But it was the anemia that was tearing me up. Now that I have that straightened out, I would say that my sides are minimal!  
Take care

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by screaming48, Jul 29, 2011
Just want to wish you good luck with this. I like reading the journals as well. The cure rates really are very good for the new drugs, we are lucky so many tested with them so we could benefit. Keep us updated and all the best....anne

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