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I hope ...

Jul 27, 2011 - 0 comments


I'm 35 years old and I think I'm going crazy !!! I've been taking Cipralex  20mg for 6 weeks and Wellbutrin 150mg for 2 days. I am doing better but I can't help to feel that I still have  along road ahead of me. What I do know is that day by day I am feeling better . Will I be on this forever know ? What is my body missing that these pills fill in?   I have many symptoms that are related  to Bipolar but I don't think I get Manic, does that mean I'm depressed ? What brought this on? I walk around irritated  and can very quickly be set off. There is times I have to go to my room away from my kids and freak out in a pillow , I yell at them ,I shake ,,I get hot my mind is running and the rage has taken over and after the damage is dome I can't be sorry enough then I cry sometimes this  agitation goes on for days . I have kicked holes in my door and walls I don't feel a thing No pain until the RAGE wears off. It's not my kids fault !!! I hate that they see this  !!! I try to hide and get away when I feel the tense pressure starts to build ! This is just one of the mood elements I live with, I Hate This !!!

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