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Post Drug Detox Naltrexone Therapy

Jul 28, 2011 - 0 comments



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Naltrexone opiate blocker treatment after opiate detox treatment is an essential component in achieving a better success rate for a drug free life style.

Naltrexone is an opiate blocker that helps to reduce cravings tremendously. At MDS drug detox center we administer Naltrexone as a pellet underneath the skin. It acts as an insurance policy to prevent opiates from getting back into the brain receptors. The procedure is a minor operative surgery. The Pellet ensures opiate blockage for a good two months. The pellet stays underneath the skin and the patient would not have to be concerned for the period of the two months. We recommend more than one Naltrexone pellet treatment. I say that because the patient’s mental thought process will take a few weeks or months to change to the new life style. The pellet is less expensive than the injectable form of Naltrexone.

Another form of Naltrexone post detox maintenance is an intramuscular injection of Vivitrol. The injection is one shot for one month. It ensures protection from opiates for one month only. One intramuscular shot is expensive as it costs approximately $1200.00 per month. As mentioned in the previous paragraph, we adopt the Naltrexone implant placement because it ensures opiate blockage for two months at a less expensive price.

The last method of Naltrexone intake is the oral route. It is simple, but we prescribe it in rare situations. It is so easy to forget to take the pills by the post detox patient. That would make the patient so vulnerable as the mental thought process has not had enough long time to make the necessary adaptation for a drug free life style.

In conclusion, at www.mdsdrugdetox.com we prefer the Naltrexone pellet placement over the other routes of administration for a better opiate blockage and to maintaining a drug free life style.

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