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Jul 29, 2011 - 0 comments

7 months pregnant with a little boy all the while I am managing my autoimmume thyroiditis/ hypothyroidism and newly married, getting my 6year old ready for first grade etc etc.... I started my pregnancy at a weight of 117lbs and since then in the last 7months I have gained about 16lbs leaving me at 133lbs which I am happy with. I take 150mg of cytomel because of how unactive my thyroid gland is on its own. When I was diagnosed with my thyroid disorder I had a tsh level of over 500 which is unheard of and I truely felt that I was falling apart with no explanation for my uncomfortable and at times unmanageable symptoms. Now I am feeling great about my future and happy to say that I have the best endocrinologist in the world!!

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