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On the road to diagnosis

Sep 29, 2008 - 2 comments



Bipolar Depression





I, and my doctor think I am Bipolar...
we are not sure...
I am going to be seeing a psych.
within a month or so...

Known symptoms:

Mood swings
Depression (With no known casues)
Migraine Headaches
Inability to controll self (Consciously)
Trouble Sleeping
Feeling inable to work
The want to do things but no drive to do so

...The list goes on...


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392616 tn?1222409853
by Shann229, Sep 29, 2008
My fiance,  20 years old went through the same thing, turned out he was just so depressed and anxious it gave of bipolar like moods. Just make sure you explore right diagnosis's before you starts meds, if you choose to. he's been on Lexapro  just was lowered down to 10mg daily, for panic attacks, random depression periods, mood swings, insomnia which sometimes turned into over sleeping randomly during the day just to get sleep, and inability to concentrate. I've been great ever since! I wish you the best of luck feel free to message me for advice or someone to talk to any time! :-)

634649 tn?1230854293
by Wendiferous, Sep 29, 2008
Well these "bipolar" like symprtoms have been with me for a loooonnngggg.... time... Even at the age of 9 I remember feeling deep depression. I always felt strong, (for thinking of suicide but being in the right mind to never do so even at te age of ten) but I have had mood swings, unexplained anxiety, stress, feeling unable to controll myself...etc for a long time. I am only now requesting testing from my new Primary Care Doctor. We will see...

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