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Good day Bay day

Aug 01, 2011 - 3 comments

Sorry ladies I just didn't have enough time to get on here last night.  We had a good and bad day yesterday.  At the wine festival my brother in law who is highly allergic to any kind of nuts, had a bad reaction that required us to call 911 and spend most of the day and evening in the hospital.  Apparently, the tuna he had was marinated in sesame seed oil (and we did tell the waiter about the allergies too) It was a little scary there for awhile, but he is ok.  In the middle of all this, we got the call letting us know the two eggs did fertilized!!  YAY!  But I will write more later, on my way to work half asleep this morning.  SSBD!!

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by Kricket212, Aug 01, 2011
So sorry to hear about your borther in law & hope it is ok.

Congrats on your embryos....  no longer just an egg.  You are on your way girl.  Will they push them to 5 days?

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by journey2motherhood, Aug 01, 2011
Thank you, he's doing good.  Yes, they will go to blast hopefully.  I'm excited and nervous!!

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by plumber43, Aug 01, 2011
Hi Sweetie, so sorry about Bil, I'm so happy your eggies fertilized! I pray they go to 5 day! I'm anxiously awaiting my procedure on Wed. We are taking the bus into the city tomorrow nite after I teach school.  I worry though about taking the bus home after. It seems like a big deal. I hope I feel ok!
Love hug a and SSBD,

Bil= brother in law...FYI

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