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How to Improve Circulation through Natural High Blood Pressure Remedies

Aug 02, 2011 - 0 comments

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high blood pressure

People around the world are constantly searching for effective treatments to achieve normal blood pressure without drugs. The question of how to improve circulation has been around forever, it seems. Today, there are numerous natural treatments that can provide these results. Through combination of dietary changes, physical activity, and herbal treatments, many individuals have been able to avoid harsh medications.

There are many herbs that have been attributed to producing normal blood pressure without drugs through regular usage. These include such well-known herbs as garlic, hawthorn, motherwort, and ginger. There are many other, lesser known herbs that also prove beneficial when searching for methods of how to improve circulation like; coleus, bilberry, butchers broom, mistletoe, kelp, and cayenne. For the best results, most professionals recommend taking herbal supplements in an extract form for increased absorption.

It’s true that there is a science of sorts to creating the right mix of herbal extracts for the most effective treatment. For the best results, many people prefer to consult an experienced herbalist or other provider of natural treatments. The herb Hawthorn is commonly-used by professional herbalists to treat hypertension and circulation in order to achieve normal blood pressure without drugs. Additionally, early studies have shown that adding a fish oil supplement to your daily regimen will help to decrease high blood pressure. Garlic is another supplement that may be of clinical use to certain patients with only mild high blood pressure. Garlic actually thins the blood and because of this quality it should only be taken with the blessing of a qualified physician. In fact, garlic supplements are often restricted in the weeks leading up to a surgery.

Butchers broom is another popular herbal supplement. This herb promotes better circulation while resisting blood clots. Mistletoe is often recommended for those with arterial hypertension. This herb has been known to lower blood pressure while also decreasing pressure of the central arteries throughout the brain. Another preferred natural supplement is Cayenne. This supplement is perfect for those looking to regain normal blood pressure without drugs. Often, Cayenne may also enhance the effects of other herbs and stimulate the body and organs to promote function and healing.

Find all of these herbal supplements in a single, extract form at This unique extract is made only of naturally grown, organic herbs. Harvested from the Pacific Northwest, the resulting extract is a powerful mixture of just the right supplements to promote heart and circulatory system health. Please be sure to discuss any herbal treatments, or supplements, with a qualified doctor before taking them. Some herbs may interact with various medicines and only a licensed medical professional can assess your specific situation.

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