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4 months post-ablation today

Aug 06, 2011 - 4 comments

Can't believe it's been 4 months since my ablation today.  I think I have gotten used to the "new normal".  Had a little scare last week when I drank a few large glasses of low cal herbal iced tea, not realizing it wasn't decaf.  Had a bad dizzy spell going up the stairs and almost passed out, but have been ok since then.

So much has changed in my life in these 4 months.  SVT-free, off meds, and nearly 30 pounds lighter.  Although I do celebrate these milestones, I have learned that every day of renewed health is a reason to celebrate.....and I have made it a habit to recognize and savor the little as well as the big victories along the way.

So happy I had the ablation done!

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by merileegal, Aug 22, 2011
Thirty pounds is incredible! It's such a hard thing to lose the weight. I'm back in school and I'm so so tired all of the time I can hardly think about healthy eating which is what I should be thinking about. Way to go Jannie.

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by donna4140, Aug 23, 2011
Im so happy for you ☺ Keep up the good work with your weight loss. I hope I have the same results with no svt or meds  ☺

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by Paluchi, Dec 28, 2013
I am 9 days post A Fib ablation.  I have had a few episodes of an increased heart rate that make both arms tingly and a little numb as well as making me very apprehensive.  I was not warned about the aftermath of ablation, so it is helpful to read about other's experiences.  I need to be patient and confident that things will improve.  I do not want to be a frightened cardiac cripple.  Thank you all for your posts.  

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by Jannie411, Dec 28, 2013
Paluchi, you are very welcome.  It is good to know my posts are still helping others two years after my own ablation.  Hang in there, things will improve.  If I can be of any further help, please don't hesitate to contact me.

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