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Aug 06, 2011 - 1 comments


Had a stressful day yesterday, I have discovered when I have several things planned I get really stressed and anxious and irritable. I feel good all the time but there is always something hat I can feel that isnt right. Like some monster inside that I can feel. I have to find a way to destroy this feeling so I can live in full happiness :) I also think my meds are off and adding to the intrusive suicidal thoughts

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by whootsley, Aug 06, 2011
Having more suicidal thoughts, or thoughts about hurting myself like cutting etc. I correlate everything with suicide, someone says bye I think im going to harm myself later, I see a line like If im in your memories ill live forever and I think that would be good in a suicide note. I dont understand why my brain does this. I need to un-train these negative behaviors. ****** day :(

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