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I think my boyfriend killed himself!!

Aug 07, 2011 - 9 comments

Did my boyfriend


Kill himself


Commit suicide




my boyfriend









Please help me!! Last night, my boyfriend was texting 1 of our mutual friends (I'm going 2 call him Destery). Today, "Destery" told me that Vincent (my boyfriend) told him that he was going 2 kill himself. I didn't believe it at 1st, but then I texted him & he didn't text back. When I called, he didn't answer. I thought that maybe he was busy with something & gave him a while 2 reply. He never did. I've been up all night trying 2 get ahold of him (it's 2am right now). He texts me constantly & ALWAYS answers my calls so I'm really scared!! What do I do!?!? 

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by lovespink647, Aug 07, 2011
I will pray for you and him!!! This is serious stuff! Ask your parents what to do! message this "Destery" guy! try calling your bf again!

1757391 tn?1346130963
by lovespink647, Aug 07, 2011
Stay calm! relax. once you figure out everything try to get some sleep.

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by geminigirl1963, Aug 07, 2011
Please forgive me for intruding on this journal - it's title caught my eye from the sidebar as I was responding to another post.

If you think your boyfriend has harmed himself, you need to let someone know.  Talk to your parents, call HIS parents, call the police - anybody - but you've really got to tell SOMEONE so that they can check on him and make sure he is ok.  I noticed on your profile page that you're only 17, so I know your own ability to go to his house and check on him may be limited, but PLEASE LET AN ADULT KNOW WHAT'S GOING ON!!!  You very well may be able to save his life!

Even calling a suicide prevention hotline (you can find their number either online or in a yellow pages phone book) and tell them you fear that your boyfriend may have hurt himself - they in turn can then contact the proper authorities/people to go check on him (if you're not comfortable talking to either your parents or his parents about this).


I'm praying for you both!

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by bruce800, Aug 07, 2011
get help from family or somebody close to you at the morment

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by turkee23, Aug 07, 2011
what happenend? hope he is ok

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by HolyTacos, Aug 07, 2011
Thank u all. I couldn't go 2 his house, I called "Destery", who lives in Vincent's neighborhood, & asked him if he could check on him 4 me. "Destery" claims 2 have found Vincent getting ready 2 hang himself from a tree in his backyard & talked him out of it. I will tell him 2 talk 2 someone about his suicidal thoughts. Again, thanks so much, guys. I appreciate it.

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by nursegirl6572, Aug 07, 2011
Seek professional help for him immediately.  Call 911.

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by Piparskeggr, Aug 07, 2011

I've been there with the suicidal thoughts, fortunately for those I love, I'm old enough an was at the time) that my life experience of thinking through the consequences of my actions on others drew me back.

Let Vincent know you care, but from having been my wife's primary caregiver for many years over mental health issues, you CAN NOT do it alone.  Trying to go it alone is part of what triggered my own problems.

Your thoughts of trying to convince Vincent to speak with someone is A-One Good.

I've finally learned that we all need help sometimes.

Take care - Pip

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by Punkinhead75, Aug 08, 2011
Glad to hear ya reached out and were able to stop yer boyfriend.  Show him love and support the best you can.  It took a suicide attempt for me to realize the pain I caused others.  After seeing the pain I decided to not do it again and to find another way of dealing with it.  Unfortunately for me that other way was drinking but that came to an end too.   Anyway,  we're here to help if you need it.  God Bless!!!

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