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went to & hep-c.thank you now I knw metal mouth is stomach

Aug 09, 2011 - 0 comments

bloating, diarrhea, constipation, anxiety, panic attacks, soft humming sound in my ears, smelling strange smells, sinus attacks, eyes wattering and itching, anal and vaginal area itching attacks, nauseau, throat itching, metal taste or bitter taste on tongue.  From Charm, I will be thanking her...she has finally answered, what has been driving me nuts, for quite a few yrs.wondering which illness is giving me, as strange smell,sound ears,strange smell,Metal mouth, I thought it was from my liver hep-c..right down to the bitter taste!! extreme vaginal itch! that was driving me wild! yes attacks!! I'm not sexually active @ all, the thought of my scallycat tongue urrghh I'm miserable, like an old shoe, not a pair just an old smelly shoe lol... Thanks Charm you saved a friend Mentally_I'm out of my I can just push side..wow_! finally I know what all of the above is_went to er yesterday..told me ibs

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