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Went To ER 15 weeks

Aug 06, 2011 - 1 comments

15 weeks



I received the scariest news I think any pregnant woman could ever get at 15 weeks..... You're going to deliver your baby in the next couple weeks because your amniotic fluid is extremely low. :( Thats what the ER dr told me tonight when I went there for pain in my leg. The ultrasound tech was very rough. Did an internal exam and was poking my cervix trying to get the baby to move to a different position. I was hysterical!

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by waitingforthe3rd, Aug 10, 2011
wow. get a second opinion. id think with all the medical advancements they could do something before resorting to you delivering... i know my friend had hers leak and they actually added it but this was very close to delivery which may be why...idk dont give up!

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