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Sep 29, 2008 - 1 comments

Today is day one and I first want to note that I am not sure I know what I am doing, so if any of my calculations, counts, goals, etc., seem off to anyone reading this please let me know.  I need help and I have a good bit to learn so that I can hopefully help myself today, and someone else another day.

               Today           Goal        Difference      Comments

Cal           2108            1500        +    608         Amazed at how many calories were added by sugar in my coffee.

Fat              73                41        +      32

Sat              26                20        +      11

Chl             668              300        +    368         Recently cholesterol tests show my cholesterol is normal.

Sod          2592            2400         +   192         This truly is a concern as I have high blood pressure.

Carbs         259              187         +     72  

Fiber            15                25         -      10         The only thing I am not getting too much of?

Sugars       142                50          +     92        Again, all the coffee I drink with sugar.

Protein       100                93          +       7

As I said, I am really not sure that these values are right, or if some may need further adjusting due to my particulars.  I'm just flying by the seat of my pants.  Also, I failed to include beverages other than coffee.  I do drink milk often and an occassional soda.  I believe I had one glass of milk, 1 glass of sweet tea, and 1 small glass of Sprite today as well, which has not been figured into the above.  Maybe I will get better at this as time passes. LOL

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by Ranaesheart, Sep 30, 2008
What you may want to do is list your foods and the calorie content as well ... this will allow me, and others, to see "what" it is you're eating.  Calories can definitely be added by sugar in your coffee.  I used to add sugar and creamer and was eating many, many calories a day.  When I wrote it down in a journal and made myself accountable, I now hold myself to 1 TBSP of flavored creamer for 35 calories and 1 packet of Splenda for 0 calories.  I know Splenda is not a "natural' product, but one battle at a time.

I'll need to look up the daily values for you but my computer won't allow me to open another window right now.  Please remind me to take a look again and provide you with this information.

By journaling, you'll start to get your calories in line as well ... keep up the journaling; you're off to a great start.  Just remember, baby steps are needed to change ... slowly change for the better ... and then slowly change some more.  

Take care ..

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