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Blood Pressure

Aug 10, 2011 - 0 comments

Well, this past Monday I went to my rheumatologists appointment and when my blood pressure was taken it was 72/54. The nurse made a comment that no wonder I had slept the entire time I had been in the waiting room,that's an hour and a half waiting, my blood pressure was low. Now it normally runs low-normal at 110/74, which is excellent, but after the episode over the weekend, it really concerned me. I had fallen asleep fairly early and awoke to be really disoriented over the weekend. I had no coordination, was very dizzy, and couldn't focus my eyes even if I closed 1 of them to try and see. This continued without improvement so I went back to bed. The next morning, I made mention to family what happened, just in case anything ever did happen to me, they would have info to disclose to whom ever needed to know. But after learning my blood pressure was low Monday, I decided to research low blood pressure. Well now I am really concerned! I had some testing done today and I requested my blood pressure to be taken, it was 91/67. Borderline low I guess, still lower then I normally run. And last Friday at my GP it was 103/69. So, I hear it could be dehydration, and due to lack of blood, there's insufficient getting to my brain, hence the dizzy spell I experienced. I am going to try to really hydrate myself and see if it gets ok.    

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