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waist line and stomach tightness

Aug 10, 2011 - 2 comments




feeling like my stomach is gonna explode. doesn't hurt just uncomfortable and have this tightness in my upper abdomen ..hope its growing pains...

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by Carly1306, Aug 11, 2011
My friend had pains like this, and ended up going to the ER 3 times because of it. She was in so much pain and so scared something was wrong. Turns out it was just growing pains! Like you, she's pretty tiny and so her body was having to grow more than some to make room for baby growing, which is why she felt so bad. The doctor at the hospital have her some exercises to do to help with the stretching and growing. Could be worth talking about at your next appointment.

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by haz1104, Aug 11, 2011
Thanks sweety for the Advice. its just too weird Im going thru this phase were I'm SO conscious about my body changes. its making me cry really..I keep on reminding myself that its for a good reason but it doesnt work all the time! lol
Checked out some of the exercises online n in the what to expect book. but I'm too lazy and busy to do them lol will probably start doing them soon thu to find relief ..

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