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1/2 way through the 2WW

Aug 11, 2011 - 3 comments

No Symptoms, really not focusing on it. Reading "Making Babies" and it is changing my LIFE!!!

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by Kimberleigh2208, Aug 11, 2011
You really won't have symptoms this early (although we all like to hope we would) so good for you to not focus too much on it.  You are on a bookreading craze lately, aren't you?  Glad you are learning so much about "option B" if you even need it!  Take care!

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by Cduv, Aug 11, 2011
Ive just gotten sick of Clomid and hormones and trying to solve a problem that I am not even sure i have, there are so many simple tests that my doctor never bothered to give me. Like a Post Coidal test, (after intercourse) to make sure my CM is healthy enough to transport the sperm.  Or a swab of my CM to see if there is any bacteria that could be making the environment hostile. There is a list of SIMPLE things that nobody bothers to check because they want to give us drugs and take our money!!!!

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by kav3, Aug 11, 2011
im now on 8 dpo and im symptom spotting, i just dont seem to be able to help it...does any one else do this.
surely its to early to have symptoms? ive got two children but i dont remember much about the early days of the pregnancy. any advice would be greatly appreciated.
many thanks

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