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hcg levels

Got this idea from a few other ladies.... keeping all the info in one place.  Maybe it can help someone else, too.

6/27/11- LMP
7/25/11- positive HPT
8/5/11- (5w 4d) hcg level: 24,000+, progesterone: 20.2
8/8/11- (6w 0d) hcg level: 32,000+
8/11/11- (6w 3d) first sono: baby measured 6w 1d or 6w 2d; saw and heard the heartbeat; hb 130 bpm
10/12/11- (16 w) hb 156 bpm
11/14/11- 20 w u/s-  Tech told me that I had placenta previa and would have to have a C-section.  I was upset but not devastated, as this is our last baby anyway.  She spent A LOT of time looking for the stomach and couldn't seem to find it (?), and tho' she wouldn't say much about it, I knew she was concerned.  IT'S a GIRL!!
(Sure enough, doctor's office called 2 days later for a follow-up u/s.)
12/1/11- follow up u/s-- stomach looks FINE; placenta previa is GONE; all is well.  It's still a GIRL. :)

1/16/12- 29 weeks- fundal height measures 35 weeks (!!!)  Doc ordered u/s to "see how big baby is getting"....
1/23/12- 30 weeks- u/s- baby's measurements are about 2.5 week ahead; estimated weight: 4 lb 9oz(!!!)  All the info I can find says baby should weight about 3 lbs..... a little concered about that....
On the "plus" side, she (yep, still a GIRL!) is head down and facing back, just as she should be. hb = 134 bpm

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1610044 tn?1326170840
by Manderella2, Aug 12, 2011
awh. so happy for you!!!

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by Christy20091, Aug 12, 2011
That's so great!  It gives me hope.  i couldn't be happier for you.

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by mamaofonetrying42, Aug 15, 2011
Awwie!!!! Congrats!

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