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Aug 15, 2011 - 0 comments








I had my ablation on August 11th, and it's hard to me to imagine what it was like when I didn't get tired getting dressed. I know this must be post-surgery lack of energy, but the doctor didn't make it seem like this would happen. He did mention the skipped beats, and pounding, and chest discomfort at times. But he also mentioned another client of his got an ablation on Wednesday and was back playing varsity basketball on Friday.

I can barely walk let alone run around and throw a ball into a basket above my head.

I went to church yesterday, which was so nice to have everyone come up to me and tell me how much they were praying for me and missed me last week. I am so glad to be back in my church body - they are so wonderful. I was a bit tired before worship and laid down on the pastor's wife's couch for an hour before church (since I usually set up fellowship hour two hours before church.. but I was too tired yesterday). After church I took a nap while my wonderful boyfriend waited on me. He has been so great during the past few days.

I just wish I knew more people my age who have recently gone through this. My roommate in college had it done twice (the first time wasn't successful) in middle school, and she doesn't remember much except that now she can have caffeine and exercise and she's fine. I know someone else in college who had it done, but she said she never felt skipped beats after the ablation. That made me feel a bit sad because of how much my heart has been having a party in my chest.

My grandmother had it done awake last year, and so did my boyfriend's grandfather (two years ago). I was knocked out and paralyzed for mine, oh man I woke up sore.

Anyway. Vova (boyfriend) is coming over for lunch. We might just make soup and watch a movie. Only a few more weeks until I'm back teaching in front of the kiddos and I need a lot of rest...

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