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Dr. Appt

Sep 30, 2008 - 1 comments

Today I had another Dr. appt. It was pretty uneventful...listened to baby's heartbeat though! 155! We scheduled the anatomy scan to see the size of her heart and brain etc. I am sure they will tell me that I am having a girl...haha. I didn't tell my dr that I already had a sonographer find out the sex for me. I figure I will let her do it too. :)

Today has been a super bad morning sickness day. It was very reminiscent of last month..I am ready for this to be OVER. No more sickness!!

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by ashiepooh, Sep 30, 2008
So your having a girl!?  Hehehe congrats!  Always good to see again though!  I'm sorry your having morning sickness today, but hopefully it's just a come and go thing!  

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