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Day 9 of Cycle

Aug 15, 2011 - 0 comments

Today is the 9th day of this cycle. The last time I had a period was May 19th. That was the first time I ever took Clomid @ 50mg.

Looking at my chart from last time, it looks like I ovulated around CD14, had "implantation bleeding" CD28 and found out I was pg on CD32- Father's Day- (just 4 days later). We all know what happened after that :(

So, with the mc, my cycle is thrown off but if this time is kind of like last time, we need to be BD-ing every other day now (like we did last time) and hope it sticks and we have no problems.

Crossing my fingers for a BFP really soon and a super and uneventful pregnancy. We just have to have the two important parties to meet and do their work first and I'll do my best to be a really good incubator after that!  :)

I am finally feeling a little bit better about everything. DH has been a wonderful support for me through our hard time. He has never faltered and has been my rock!

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