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Sep 30, 2008 - 0 comments

Well its been a while since I have logged on with Hurricane Ike screwing up the city and all...........but I wanted to give a brief update on my situation. I have decided to CHANGE DR'S AT 30 WEEKS!!!!!!!!!!! It got pretty bad with my Dr so I decided it was best to have a BETTER DR............I am scheduled to see her today she is also a maternal fetal medicine specialist and my cousin does the ultrasounds for her so I think I will be in much better hands. I have heard alot of good things from various patients of hers :)

My other Dr had me very worried with all the talk of the baby's heartbeat being off and her kidney's being dialated and bio physicals and everything and then I had some pretty bad pains the week before last and I called the night operator to page the Dr and the DR NEVER EVEN CALLED ME BACK!!!!!!!!!!!! So the next morning I started looking into this new Dr and decided to make the change. Whats really messed up, is that my old Dr told the new Dr that I was incompliant!!!!!!!! I'm like wth!??? This Dr was seriously lacking concern for mine and my daughters health and then has the nerve to say I was incompliant??? She couldn't even call me back and I was the incompliant one....hmmmmmmmm

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