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Week #3

Aug 17, 2011 - 2 comments

week 3




Hemolytic anemia


peg +riba+incivek

When we last left off I was complaining that my hemoglobin wasn't dropping as fast I thought it should. Maybe I was doing something wrong. Not eating the right fats. Not absorbing the Ribaviran. OMG! Week one labs showed only a tenth of a gram drop. How could that be? Then week two came and went and I felt no worse for wear. Now I'm sure something is wrong with the Riba. I've got a bad batch and it's not working. I'm doing all of this for nothing, yada yada yada.

Then, in a classic example of "be careful what you ask for", I receive week 2 lab results in the mail and my Hgb dropped from 14.2 to 11.4. Still felt fine but then I start stressing about the large one week drop and whether my doctor was going to try and dose adjust me. That's easy enough, I just won't answer the phone if he calls. The phone It never rings though and I skate through week 2 with some minor itching and yellow poop, happy to know everything is fine in the world of Riba absorbtion.

Week 3 I start feeling anemic. By mid week I'm thinking I'll never make it to my next doctors appointment. My next appt isn't until Aug 29th at the start of week 5. That's the protocol my doctor uses. Until your hgb drops below 10g no procrit. So my next appointment is after the week 4 labs at which time he'll start the rescue drugs. If I call him I'm sure he'll say to reduce the amount of Riba. I'm 125 lbs and taking 1000mg of Ribavirin. The first time I went through teratment they dose adjusted me in the 4th week to 800mg and although I finally went undetectable in my 12th week I relapsed the minute I finished treatment. This time, if I have any say in the matter, I am not dose adjusting. That's that!

So by weeks end I'm sure my Hgb is below 10g. Feeling lousy when I call Aetna Specialty Pharmacy to have next months drugs shipped. They tell me they don't have the necessary paperwork on file and withouth it they can't ship the drugs. Suggest I get with my doctor asap to straighten it out. Holy God I didn't know I could flip out like that. I blame the the drugs of course but the damage was done. I cuss everyone out, spend the weekend stewing over it, worrying that I was being cut off from treatment due to a clerical error. The doctors office fixed the problem first thing Monday morning, drugs arrive, alls well. Except that I'm laid up in bed, a lovely shade of pastey white, waiting for week 4 to end. Honestly, I can say, I've never been happier to feel so dang lousey.

Work your magic little pills.  

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by ann61, Aug 17, 2011
I think you have summed things up for many of us.  Anemia, exhaustion and irritability are my biggies as I count down Week 4.  Anticipation also as I contemplate my end of Week 4 lab results.  Dear Lord, please let the meds work.  I am willing to sacrifice.  Please eradicate this awful virus from my body.

Hang tough and let the little pills work their magic!

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by flcyclist, Aug 17, 2011
I went through something very similar with Aetna Specialty Pharmacy.  At certain points, I believe 4 weeks and then again at 12 weeks, Aetna will request the PCR results from your doctor for the their nurse to review.  Once they receive the results, the Aetna nurse calls your doctor for a brief consult.  

Someone dropped the ball and the results never got sent from the 12 week PCR.  So they couldn't approve sending the next month's meds until their nurse signed off on it.  This pushed me and my wife over the edge considering the consequences, but after hours on the phone it finally got resolved.  My GI finally admitted they do keep some backup interferon at their office in case of a delayed shipment.  The thought of missing my shot on Friday and pushing it back to Monday was creating a lot of undue stress.   When we place our trust in the medical team to take care of our needs and they screw up, they deserve to get an earful.  Fortunately, my wife is a tiger when it comes to resolving these issues.

Hope your Hgb hangs in there and we hear some great results soon.

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