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Aug 17, 2011 - 0 comments


Yeah its a jakked up name for this journal thing but its the way i feel about all thats going on w/me right now. If you've read my posts u will see i'm not a guy who fu#ks around much and i've always been kinda proud of that. Making out w/someone naked or kissing yeah. Going further and having oral sex is not off the table but rare and fu#king well its something i do w/someone i care about and know more than five minutes..and not if i don't know the person ever. So yeah i messed up and jerked a guy at my gym while he jerked me in the shower.He was hard and started talking to me and well things got heated and boom there we were side by side playing w/each other's hardons. It was unplanned and hadn't done it before not since h.s.anyway. Seemed safe at least.. So how does someone licking my balls and jerking me [no oral on penis] get me to this point?? Especially since i tested for std's a week after and was neg?? Seen 4 dr.s and had all the blood tests?? Probs w/bumps, stinging, pains and general unwell feelings down in my my man land and beyond right to my hole?? Well ima find out, get tested again and post it all here so anyone else who goes thru this sh#t can get some kind of help of some kind from the hell i've been going thru to find out.. until then BE SAFE and remember there's always your hand..

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