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What are the Causes for premature ejaculation ?

Aug 18, 2011 - 0 comments



Causes for Erectile Dysfunction


Erectile Dysfunctions


Causes Erectile Dysfunction


Erectile Dysfunction Cause

If you are in search for cures for premature ejaculation, you have begun your search in the right place.
Are there cures for premature ejaculation?

Men all over the world suffer from early orgasms and search for cures premature ejaculation. While there is no absolute one answer on how to completely cure a man from reaching orgasm before he would ideally like to, there are a few techniques and tricks that can be used to prolong each sexual romp.

Whether your goal in your quest for what cures premature ejaculation are just to last three minutes longer or long enough to make a tantric master jealous, the most basic trick is to clear your mind of everything during sex. Now you should absolutely be present enough to enjoy what is going on, listen to the cues of her body and all that good stuff, but the idea here is to be able to withdrawal within your mind if things begin to get to the point of no return shall we say.

Try not to listen to her moans of pleasure and even glance away to get those hot visual images out of your mind. Think about that time you volunteered that the old folks home or make a mental grocery list; absolutely anything other than what is going on down below. Frequently for many men with enough practice under their belts this is one of the most powerful cures for premature ejaculation in the arsenal.

Yeah, that sounds great but I am looking for legitimate cures for premature ejaculation
Premature orgasms is not a joking matter and for this reason tens of millions of dollars are spent on medications, research and doctors visits annually in the search for surefire cures for premature ejaculation. Unfortunately, there are so many different premature ejaculation causes that coming up with the panacea for premature ejaculation is nearly impossible.

A few tricks you may want to try for premature ejaculation cause :-

1. Reduce your sensitivity – stock up on “her pleasure” style condoms. These are great because they reduce your sensitivity while giving her a little extra to get her to peak pleasure.
2. Practice makes perfect – practice prolonging your ejaculation on your own like a teenager in heat!
3. Herbal supplements – There are great and truly effective products available online and at local drugstores to keep you going longer
4. Do you have your insurance card? – Your doctor deals with these issues daily don’t be afraid to ask his/her advice. They will probably write you a prescription for various medications.

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