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The worst pain ever!!!!!

Aug 20, 2011 - 9 comments


So I had a VERY odd night last night and I thought I would share it with all you lovely ladies to see if you have any insight on what might be going on with me. And I would like to say ahead of time sorry for anything that might be TMI. But here it goes. So last night me and dh were doing the bd and it was painful for me. like it hurt my insides. the main places i could feel pain was my uterus and ovaries. like i knew it was that. so we tried a different position, and yup same thing, still hurting. so we couldnt even finish i had to make him stop. and as i was laying there the pain just got worse and worse to the point i was in tears and my dh was freaking out and afriad to go to sleep. it wasnt like af cramps, and it wasnt like contractions. it was a sharp, consistant pain. it hurt to sit, stand, lay down, cough, everything. and it almost felt like everything was going to come out of me, through both my vag and rectum area. but i didnt have to go to the bathroom at all. my dh tried his best to help, he got me some asprin, tried an ice pack out and a heating pad. i finally was able to pass out and get some sleep, and this morning everything is just very tender. I have no idea what is going on and what caused this. Has anyone else experienced something like this before? I seriously don't know what to make of it.
Well thanks for letting me get this all out there..

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by luvloveluv, Aug 20, 2011
i think that's ovulation. same thing happened to me on the late evening of the 13th, 14th and early 15th, and according to my tracker, i O'd on the 15th. my entire uterus was so tender, i almost couldn't even check my cervical position because it hurt so much. it started as a stabbing pain in my left side, then i literally felt it move into my uterus, i just rolled into a ball on the ground and cried myself to sleep lol. good luck, i hope that was just O pain for you and you get your BFP this month!

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by kelleykae, Aug 20, 2011
thank you for sharing... although i forgot to mention in my post that i am currently on CD24/8DPO. so i was hoping that it could be implantation, however i have two children already and i do not remember this at all. my sister was doing some research on the computer after i told her about my experience last night and she said she found that it could be maybe 1 of 5 things... either 1. pain/stretching due to early pregnancy 2. fibroid 3. cyst  4. endomitriosis or 5. bladder problems.   i have never had a fibroid, cyst, endomitriosis or any real bladder issues besides a uti many many years ago, and i know i would be able to tell if it was that. i dont have any pain, discolor, or smell when going to the bathroom, so im counting the bladder issues out. i figure if by monday i still have pains i will be calling the doctor immediatly. well i might actually just call anyways and talk to a nurse and see about getting checked out anyways. also currently i still do have pains/cramping/discomfort. i feel sooo bloated and just blahh..

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by JoJo629, Aug 21, 2011
i have no clue!  maybe you should call your doc

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by ylime1207, Aug 22, 2011
When I was  9dpo, DH and I tried to BD and I had some serious pain.  We found out we were pregnant a week later!  So it can happen!!  We BD'd after our BFP and I didn't have any pain during, but after my orgasm I had some intense cramping that made me want to avoid it for awhile.  I've had no pain during or after for the last week!


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by Kimberleigh2208, Aug 22, 2011
I was going to suggest a cyst as this happened to me (though not during sex) a little over 10 years ago.  I couldn't get the discomfort to go away and it was way worse than AF cramps or anything.  I finally had my mom take me to the ER (I was only 18 or so) and that's what they thought it was but the u/s didn't show anything.  I think it was because it maybe burst before the u/s while they were doing the pre-u/s inspection or whatever.  I guess it could be Endo because my friend Monica has it and has pain during intercourse but she has many, many other symptoms too like extreme cramps during AF, heavy bleeding, etc.  I'd recommend at least calling your doctor -- maybe go to urgent care or something if it gets worse or doesn't improve much.  Sorry you're having pain though and I hope you feel better soon!

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by kelleykae, Aug 22, 2011
thank you ladies for your posts and comments. thankfully the pain has subsided and i am feeling much better now. just little twinges here and there but nothing too too painful anymore. thank the lord!! now just gonna wait and see if af shows face in 5 days like she is supposed to... fx she doesnt!!!!

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by RobinB9, Aug 30, 2011
Most definitely classic signs of a cyst rupture. I've had this happen to me twice...both times during sex.  The extra activity can cause large cysts to leak or rupture.  I'm so so sorry! I know that it is absolutely one of the most painful things you could ever experience.  The good news is that these situations are rarely ever dangerous to your health or fertility and likely not a regular occurrence. Cysts are actually very common and most women never know they have them because they usually grow and diminsh on their own with no symptoms whatsoever. An ultrasound can help to determine if you have any more, how large they are, and possible treatment options if this ends up being something you experience with any sort of regularity. So glad to hear you're feeling better :). Hopefully it's an isolated incident!

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by AnnieBrooke, Aug 30, 2011
If it turns out to be none of the above, and if you keep getting it, get your kidneys checked too.  Could be a ruptured cyst, for sure, though they don't always feel like that (sometimes the rupture is a relief after the pain of their swelling).  Good luck!

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by BeckyBX, Oct 31, 2011
i am 18 and this has been going on for the past 2 and half years - it started the odd cramping after orgasm every now and again then it became every day - i would get 1 pain free week out of a month.

in november 2009 i went on the contraceptive injection (depo provera) along with taking the contraceptive pill (cilest) - i am still on both of these due to very heavy and irregular periods - this has stopped them completely, i take 1 pill everyday and have my injection every 2 and half months (as if i leave it 3months like u are supose to i come on for weeks!)

i decided to go to my doctor - i had scans outside my stomach (ultrasound) and a camera up inside of me - all they found was i have polycystic ovaries and a tilted uterus. the pain continued to get worse - by this time (jan 2011) as soon as i had an orgasm i was straight to the toilet crying,sweating,heaving and getting chills.

this used to just happen on the right lower bit where my right ovary is - now its spread across and swells up

in july 2011 i had a laparoscpy (camera inside me) expected them to find endometriosis.. NOTHING. everything was perfectly normal and healthy looking.

in september 2011 this pain was more than severe - its what i imagine birth contractions are like seeing women on tv giving birth- my reactions are exactly the same after!

i got given NORTRIPTYLINE and got told to take 1 every night and 2 if it was that bad for 3 weeks.. 2 tables a day and 5 weeks later - NOTHING!!!!

words cannot explain how much pain i am in afterwards and am desperate for an answer and will not give up until i get one.

i have been given even stronger tablets to start taking tomorrow and been given an appointment to see a pain specialist.

if anyone has an answer PLEASE message me.

i will be back and post an update after i have seen the specialist.

also for a few months (june2011-sept 2011) i got this urge to push! (am not pregnant either!) it now gets to the point where i am physically sick afterwards to, it now happens EVERY time i orgasm and i never get a time it doesnt hurt

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