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Me.... On.... Twitter.... Who Knew?!

Aug 20, 2011 - 4 comments


I finally decided to make a twitter page lol, my lil br earnie convinced me to make one today so i did, its kind of weird i must say cause im always on facebook.. Im new on twitter so if u have a page follow me and ill follow u i guess thats how it goes lmao. @Van_Van26 im still tryna get the hang of all of this so plz bear with me!!

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by a_waiting_butterfly81, Aug 20, 2011
Lol I just cant get into twitter like that. I been thinking bout it but I wouldnt know what to do lol. Im on fb though.. Look me up melanie jones

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by NicMom, Aug 20, 2011
Have you figured out hashtags yet? For me that was the hardest part I felt like such a goof ball. I had to have my teenager explain it to me.

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by Vantom, Aug 20, 2011
@ a_waiting_butterfly: yea me either lol i might not have it for to long anyways its too weird for me lol i love facebook though haha.

@NicMom: whats hashtags? Lmao i just signed up today lol im not sure if im gonna keep my twitter page, its a lil confusing to me..

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by NicMom, Aug 20, 2011
On twitter go to the help section and they have a whole how to article. Hashtags are how subjects are cataloged so for example if you type...

I love watching #nbc

instead of

I love watching nbc

It will allow other twitter users who are talking about NBC to see what you said. Almost everything has a hashtag and you can make your own up too. I like to type my favorite things about being pregnant and then tag it with #lovebeingprego has a good list of the most popular ones.

Twitter is great for throwing out random thoughts, pointing people back to your online store or blog, wasting time and following your favorite news or pop culture media. I follow my favorite parenting websites and chefs. It does take some getting use to.

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