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23, single mom, with a cough thats scaring me to death

Aug 20, 2011 - 0 comments



Chest pains


Breathing difficulties

Hey my name is Stephanie, 23, I am a single mom to a 19m old.

Well I have had this abolutely horrible cough that started off as a common cold with stuffed sinuses and headaches and feeling like my head is detached from my body from feeling dizzy. And now 3 weeks later I still have this cough and it just seems to be getting worse. I am coughing almost every second of the day and my coughs get so bad to where I'm ballled up on the floor from it hurting my chest, cant catch my breath, and I can't control my bladder and it always has masses of phlegm coming out every time. I have tried almost any medicine I could think of from Zyrtec, robitussin, mucinex, sudafed, tylenol, etc.  What could I have? I have an 18 month old son and I want to know if he's in danger from this. Please help I want this cured soon.

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