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GLuten free wheat free menu

Sep 30, 2008 - 3 comments

gluten free











Ok i have been so sick for 3 weeks chronic diarrhea with alot of stomach acid bile burning my butt ,had a gastroscope done dx with severe gastritis no h pyloric  hiatle hernia  and one hyperplastic polyp, removed 2 yrs agao i had 5 polyps remove so my body is growing them  so i am on metamucil capsules absorbing the acid , food is staying in longer , so my IBS is almost gone, so food allergies is key now i am buying bob's redmills on line and seem to be losing wt  no diarrhea no stomach bloating no pain no hot sweats? so i feel human again.  i am on zantac 150 mg and 3 metamucil capsules walmart brand, with every meal ,  now outback restaurants have a GF menu so i'm exploring. , still on synthroid 37.5 mcg  cardura 1 mg   vit d 50,000 iu one day a week my Fibro symptoms and fatigue are gone?  vit d or gluten free/ msg /wheat  menu? i have insomnia so i cn't be perfect yet,

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by Applecore, Oct 06, 2008
I am just reaching out to try to feel better.  I also take 37.5 mcg of synthroid for my thryoid which was IRA about two years ago.  It has been a tough 2 years.  I started with terrible anxiety and had to go to the emergence room and they diagnosed me with thyroid problems.  I started on levothyroxine and went to a day problem at a hospital to help while they adjusted my thryoid meds.  I found I couldn't take any more than the 37.5 mcg which they say is a very low dose for having my thyroid irradicated.  It obviously didn't work right because the nodules are still producing hormones and now they say I have hashimoto and graves.  Anyway I also have celiac and am gluton intolerant.  What is the cardura that you are on?  I was put on a medication called risperadol which fools with the chemistry in your brain.  It really helped me when I was having so much depression and anxiety.  I was starting to have spacyness and extreme tiredness and the doctor took me off of it about 3 weeks ago.  I was ok for the first 2 weeks but now am having trouble keeping my mind feeling normal, if you know what I mean.  It just won't stay functioning the way it is supposed to and I am trying cognitive therapy which is writing down your thoughts and challenging them.  It helps but doesn't take it away at least at this point.  I just read on a thyroid site that cytomel (t3) can help the mental chemistry that is why I was wondering what cardura is.   I also did the vit d 50000 iu for 8 weeks.  I am so desperate right now and I appreciate your reading this and if you can encourage me in any way I would appreciate it.    linda

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by TrudieC, Oct 06, 2008
Good luck with your new diet.  My husband has had lots of bowel problems and had agreed to ultrasounds but not a colonscopy.  They couldn't find anything but the bloating and pain were making him miserable.  He did research and switched to a gluten free diet and feels tremendously better.  I am working hard to learn all the places gluten is used and trying to give him healthy meals.  He is terrified to eat out.  I'm glad you are taking that plunge.  Good luck with everything!

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by jmbirds, Oct 06, 2008
apple- trudi

my friend is on cytomel and levothyroxin generic his combination is working  he has no thryroid graves diease 25 mg cyto and 100 mcg levo  hes doing ok, now he is on lexapro 15 mg for his axiety and depression maybe this combo will work for applecore? meaning cyto synthroid lexapro  today i am taking 25 mcg of synthroid and my brain is farting i know his pills by heart but i just cna't remember this LEXAPRO  i guess i have to go back to the 12.5  making it 37.5 mcg
now go on line and order from BOBS i love the gf Pizza dough  its a bread crust pizza not a yeasty dough so if you do go out eat at OUTBACK restaurants they have GF menu  you can always eat meat  with rice dishes and ask NO MSG  baked tators with vegs , now soups like ckn  or clam but cream soups NOPE , however most of our broths have MSG and wheat so read the lable you can buy boullion that says no MSG no GLuten no wheat i forget the brand ,
now the gastroscope should be done cause if its H pyloric bacteria it will casue this chronic diarrhea you need an antibiotic soo , eat the activa yorgurt the metamucil capsules help hold things in for a bit longer in my case so it also makes me full so i dont' eat as much  , eat the salads with meat on them , no crutons  watch the dressings  oil and vinegars are safe  mostly  you can eat your grits, oatmeals and rice cereal  rice crispy treats are GF make your own chocolate is ok also jams and jellys are ok, fruits and vegs and potatoes NOT PASTA not barley stuff , frieto chips are ok tortillia chips ok  some torilla breads look for CORN ones  polenta is italy made corn bread its great fried with back flavored oil and italian cheeses i have lots of things i can get away with Omelettes work normally ,  ice cream works  canned apple filling works i bought the oatmeal coconut granola and ground it up for my apple crisp , it works great  
using corn bread stuffing  from scratch the mixes have flour in them  
happy to keep sharing  

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