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Kinda new to this....

Aug 23, 2011 - 0 comments









polycystic ovary

I am not sure what I should be writing or who this should be addressed to apart from my own mind, therefore will probably come out as a bit of a rant as so frustrated!!.  

When I was 18 I had a burst cyst on my ovary which took nearly 6 weeks to diagnose and was in agony.  I have surgery and was told at the time that I had PCOS.  

Last August I was admitted to and A&E ward with serious abdominal pain so much so they thought an ovary was turning on itself!  Luckily had private healthcare so went in as an inpatient and had a lap.  

Dr confirmed PCOS and drilled (sounds harsh I know) some holes through the ovaries and did a die test - appears tubes are fine.  While in Lap he removed Endo from my hip and noted that around the Pouch of Douglas had endo.  

That one lasted a year....

I was back in again beginning of this August for Endo removal from hip, and adhesions removed from an appendix scar along with the separation of the scar from the bowel and some endo. There was thickening of the ligaments as well that he checked and re-dyed my tubes just to double check.

Pain this time had been caused during ovulation and the blood in my belly on the endo. Some days I feel like a fraud as I know people have it worse than me but other days I feel like a bit of a failure then I have a good is bloody annoying (excuse the pun)

What I don’t understand is why for nearly 10 years I was fine - granted I was on the pill and came off as I was fed up of pumping drugs into me, I was also on Metformin for a while but that was not pleasant!  Throughout my 20's I have also been diagnosed with IBS and I feel as if my list of items is never ending.  

After speaking to some people it appears PCOS, IBS and Endo seem to hit some of us in one go, I would love to know why but as Murphy’s law would have it all 3 of the above have seem to alluded doctors as to their underlying issues!

What is bugging me the most this time round is that I am still at home 3 weeks later and getting a bit down about it.  AM due back to work next week but am wondering if my job is causing the flare ups?  I work under tight targets, stressful environment or maybe my body will just continue to do its own thing!

On a happier note at least my husband has been understanding and has tried to do what he can but ladies I seriously say that any husband who lives with one of us with any type of long-term condition is a saint because I don’t know about you but someday when I am down I can be a nightmare- or in my husband’s words " an irritating toe-rag!"

Okay I think that is my rant over with today and much love to one and all - take care of yourself!

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