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AFib @ 10 pm

Jul 26, 2011 - 0 comments

I had a sudden onset of AFib  at 10:00pm, right after I brushed my teeth!  Again, like someone turned the switch on. Weird!
139/114 P130 @ 10:00pm. Felt like my heart was jumping around in my chest. Felt anxious & weak. Took 200mg Flecainide at once this time.
129/103 P122 @ 10:30pm. Took 1 Metoprolol @ 10:35pm.  Took my regular dose at around 8pm.
155/68 P75 @ 11pm. Took last Flecainide then.
116/89 P122 @ 11:10pm. Felt tingly, weak, anxious & heart felt more active, so I took BP again.
108/75 P78 @ 11:30pm. Normal HB & Rhythm. Pulse was a little high for me, but Rhythm was back to normal.
This was different then the other times. I had no neck pain, I felt like I could pass out & I was anxious (scared)!
All within close to just 1.5 hrs!
This happened almost exactly 2 weeks to the day of my last event: 7-11-11!

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