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AFib @ 9 am

Aug 11, 2011 - 0 comments

AFib again. Two things: 1. I started the 6 wk cure for the middle age middle today. It is basically 3 protein shakes throughout the day ending with a nice meaty dinner! I do need to get more protein powder & some Leucine (to prevent muscle loss & speed fat burning along). I am going to Longview tomorrow, so I will pick some up then.
2. I had an AFib event THIS MORNING! I never seem to have them in the morning, but at 9 am almost on the dot it came on. BP: 121/91 P:119. So, I didn't wait very long this time before I took my pill in pocket Flecainide. Only took 200mg then waited and eventually took the final 100mg (total 300mg) at 10:15. I converted into NSR at 10:45.
I felt like crap though. And all I wanted to do afterwards is go to sleep, which I eventually allowed myself to do after I took a shower (I thought that would wake me up!). So, I am awake but still feel weak.
I've had 4 events in the past 5 weeks after going over a year without ONE! Weird how all of a sudden it's turned on again. AFib *****!

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