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Obstacle to overcome

Jan 23, 2008 - 0 comments

Ever since I was in kindergarten (I have written proof! =P), I've always wanted to become a doctor...more specifically, a pediatrician. I never used to be scared of blood, but recently the sight of blood other than my own makes me feel a bit sick. Although I think it's more of the thought that the person is in pain that is causing that feeling.

I still really want to become a doctor, but how can I?!

My family doctor once told me that he fainted a few times during med school. It makes me feel better knowing that. =)

Is this something that I'll be able to overcome? I guess that might be a question only I can answer. A better question might be: how can I overcome this recent fear to continue reaching towards my goal? I have no other back up plan; there isn't anything else that I want to do.

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