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Hurricane Irene and Lexi

Aug 26, 2011 - 4 comments

It's been a long, short, fast two!

I'm settling in nicely to my new job.  The boss/owner is great and we're getting into a pretty good routine.

Lexi survived the switch to a new DI therapist.  She still has Kelly on Saturdays but now has Shana (pronounced Shawna) on Tuesdays.  Shana has a bubbly personality and Lexi took to her almost immediately.  They had a good session where she did puzzles, etc.

Lexi also had her OT therapy on Thursday.  Carol, her therapist, finally took a different approach and was more relaxed with Lexi.  Since she was relaxed, Lexi opened up a bit better.  When Carol arrived, Lexi immediately went to her blocks and started stacking them.  They did play time in the tube/tunnel and Carol also bounced Lexi on the big ball noting that she does not really wrap her legs around to grip.  Rather, she sticks them straight out so that will be something they will work on.  While there, Lexi did fall over while sitting a few times and kept saying "I'm stuck!"  She later told DH..."No, daddy" while he was tickling her.

Lexi seems to be responding more to yes and no questions.  I was never sure before if her responses of yes or no actually meant yes or no but they do seem to now.  She still doesn't make eye contact with strangers but does hold it a bit longer with immediate family.  She is grabbing my hand more to show me what she wants and loves to throw a ball now too!

There are times that it seems or feels like she has so far to go and it worries and upsets me.  I try not to let that happen.  I do see how far she has come and I'm ok with whatever her final diagnosis might be.  She understands so much of what we say to her but she still says a lot of gibberish and she's hard to focus on a task.  I think I'll eliminate some more toys from the living room or from sight.  The therapists want us to narrow her choices down to 1 or 2 items, making her clean up before she can move on to the next one.

And lets see, to top it all off...we had an earthquake earlier this week and are now gearing up for hurricane irene.  My sister, her husband and their pets will most likely be heading to our parents house tomorrow.  Tonight we will be busy clearing the yard and prepping the house.  We already have flashlights, batteries, water, etc.  Wish us luck!

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535822 tn?1443976780
by margypops, Aug 26, 2011
I do wish you luck jb I hear its down graded to 2 which is still big there  maybe a lot of flooding aswell  Isnt it great when children pull forward like this, Lexi has come a long way from when you first came on MH...I like the idea of eliminating some toys I feel very often children have too many but we all do makes sense so she can clear up before going to the others. ..The therapists sound really focused on her and they too have learned how to handle her to get the best response.. Its nice to hear these updates ...marg

535822 tn?1443976780
by margypops, Aug 28, 2011
hpw are you doing jb is there an update I hear off are you doing ?/

703031 tn?1398963307
by jb41799, Aug 29, 2011
Thanks marg!  We are doing good.  We!  Our basement flooded a bit but not too bad.  I fully expected that.  The cable and internet were in and out all day yesterday but that was the worst of it.

535822 tn?1443976780
by margypops, Aug 29, 2011
sounds like the main stream media made a big hullaballoo about it all .sorry you had some flooding .

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