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Talked/Opened up to my Mum! :D :D :D

Aug 26, 2011 - 1 comments

Just talked to mum about about my weight. :D It took a while for me to actually press send but I did it and then she came up to talk. Even in MY room! :D 

It wasn't easy to get started but once I did I found I was able to be open up, and Mum said she will call the doctor on Monday! :) :D

I'm actually really excited to get some help! I know I NEED it! And in a way that won't let me sink! I always think lately those treatment places would be awesome cause I could get the help I NEED, but they are too expensive and I'm not underweight. Not "serious" enough. 

You know I HATE how no one will jump into help someone with an eating disorder unless it's deadly! They think if it's not deadly it's not serious! Well excuse me what do you think the step before deadly is?  

I really hope their can be help offered to me! I really wish I could get the type of help they give at the treatment places but I know I can't, but I just hope there's something that CAN HELP ME! 

Sincerely Finally want help! :) :D 

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by skydivediva, Aug 26, 2011
While you were writing this, I was writing you a long letter asking you to ask your Mum or another trusted adult to help you get the help you need. I'm glad to see that you reached out to your Mum and that she's going to call your doctor on Monday.

There ARE obstacles to getting help. The expense, the lack of nearby treatment facilities, the criteria (being "serious enough") for admission/enrollment. But the BIGGEST obstacle is knowing and admitting that you need help and then asking for it. You've already overcome that obstacle, Bran. You & your Mum can be partners, finding a way to CLIMB OVER or GO AROUND the obstacles in your way. Do NOT take "no" for an answer. Get the help you need AND---finally WANT!!!

You have poems to write and songs to sing. I'm sooooo proud that you are taking the steps to overcome the eating disorder that was standing in your way and stealing your power & songs. You CAN do this. You WILL do this!



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