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Week one- GOOD!

Aug 27, 2011 - 12 comments

week one

It is day 12 into my treatment and I am finally getting around to documenting my HCV journey to recovery.  I will accept no less than recovery, mentally, at this stage of the game. What happens down the road, well, I will deal with that then.
Just a couple of days before I started treatment, it finally hit me, while sitting at a stop light, what one of the nagging, disconcerting, feelings I had been  having, was all about. It was this..... I did not know who I was going to become during this time.  Would I still know ME. Everything I was reading about what side effects can do to a person was so alien to me.  As a person who is easy going, even natured, always on the go, energetic, teaches Zumba Fitness classes, and RARELY sick, ( not to mention, high fatty food intake is not my style)  the mere concept of becoming a stranger to myself,  the total oppposite of me, myself and I, was very scary and unsettling.

Well,12 days into this, I am happy to say, I am still me.  Starting was the worst part. After that day, my 'new normal' began.  Now, I am more ready to embrace what may come,even if it means I have to re-introduce myself to myself.  

I have had NONE of what I feared, with one exception, the rash, which started on Day 3 as a small patch on my stomach and grew from there to include inner arms ( wrist to shoulder), inner legs, behind the knees, and the trunk area. It is getting much better as of today. Thank you Lord!  
No 'flu' like symptoms, at all, from the Pegasys shots. Nothing!  Wouldn't even know I took a shot.  I hope this gives encouragement to anyone who may read this before they start.  Not one day of nausea. I have a good appetite, but I watch my calories real well so all those extra fat calories don't creep up on me.  I can still exercise and run around all day, when I  need to, but I take it easy so I don't inadvertantly overdo things.I will say that I can begin to feel a bit winded, faster than before and I do get tired faster, but really only feel it when I sit down.  I know all this anemia, fatigue stuff is around the corner for me, but as of today.....smooth sailing!

One of the things that falls under the category  of my ' new normal', is that my days are pretty much all about WHEN to eat, ( pill time)  and WHAT to eat, and  WAITING for the next fat snack, to take my INCIVEK.  No more impromptu meals or snacks or going to bed when I want or getting up when I want.  Not easy for a free spirit like me... LOL

I have a lot of faith, and pray to a God that I know can hear me. I trust HIM.  If HE can bring me to it, HE can bring me through it!  Amen!

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1749655 tn?1321804534
by ann61, Aug 27, 2011
So happy to hear that you are handling things so well.  I wish you continued smooth sailing on your journey to wellness.
xo Ann

1652596 tn?1342015226
by belle19, Aug 27, 2011
you are awesome!!  so happy to hear you're doing so well with tx.  i hope it's going to keep going like that for you.  as of yesterday i am UND.  i'm so happy for me.  i feel like i can do this to the end.  and i think i see a flicker of light at the end of my journey.  take care, belle

Avatar universal
by screaming48, Aug 27, 2011
Thats great! So glad things are going so well. I had the same thoughts of will I still be me when all is said and done. The fat thing bothers me, my cholesterol has always been good. ( I do cheat every once in a while) hell got to live you know. but 20 grams of fat three times a day for 12 weeks is excessive in my book. Hope I still have the energy so I can at least walk some everyday..
Also glad for you with the rash! Not too bad so you are handling things well. God will see us through all we have to do is ask.. anne

Avatar universal
by Vannh9, Aug 27, 2011
Thanks for sharing  your journey. I am so glad that you haven't been sick and I hope you can keep the rash at bay. I love you testimony of faith and will pray for continued success!!

take care~

317787 tn?1473362051
by Dee1956, Aug 27, 2011
Thank you for sharing, very helpful!

1693621 tn?1318906571
by sunshine415, Aug 29, 2011
hello,,, I am trying to get all info... and this is the most inspiring post I have ever read.. THANK YOU ever so so so much... I had been thinking to just awhile ago,, isn't there some people that have something positive to write on this journey we need to pull thru.... I begin shortly.... and ahhhhh...... once again ,,, THANK YOU.... awesome, awesome POST.... Hope it continues for you with faith it shall continue like this for you.... sure hope so...... smile on this one for me...and one back to YOU......

Avatar universal
by kaykayc, Aug 31, 2011
I am starting treatment soon. Interferon,ribavirin and incivek,would love to hear from someone who is a month into treatment


1654058 tn?1407162666
by crossroadsec, Sep 01, 2011
You are nothing short of a miracle w/ ur tx. I'm extremely thankful for all the blessings you're getting. I love the analogy regarding the new you. You're just evolving into a wiser, healhier version. Best of all, you're still the same YOU that you were created to be.
Keep journaling when you have time. Looks like a lot of us are inspired by your words. I feel all peaceful just reading them. love, Karen :)

1788251 tn?1315366763
by ZA2AZ, Sep 06, 2011
I will be praying for you (to the same God as you) ;-)

Into week 5 of my treatment, and I must say the anxiety and anticipation to start was a nightmare.
Going to the GI on thursday to find out about the 4week tests. This seems to be like a huge
test in that it will show if I am responding? This doc better have time for me, because after find this
site a couple of days ago, I have a diary full of questions :)

I am geno2 and on Riba/pegintron.

Kind regards,

317787 tn?1473362051
by Dee1956, Sep 09, 2011
Hi I find I am having trouble finding fat to eat.  I am a diabetic and never at fat before this.  Would you mind telling me you are eating?  I am really having a hard time, have tried to find things to eat but it seems so counter intuitive to what I have been told about carbs, fats I worry that this will harm my liver,.
I tried nuts for the first week, now nuts make me sick, getting ready to take my shot and feeling so sick to my stomach I don't know where to turn.  I would appreciate any and all suggestions of semi healthy foods to eat.
Thank you

Avatar universal
by libzo1, Sep 11, 2011
Dear El Paso Lady,
Many years ago, I had two bottles of home made apple wine that set on top of my old refridgerator that was always warm, always humming with a soft vibration.  I just forgot about those two bottles until I ran out of my usual red wine.  I pulled both bottles down and dusted them off.  Opened the first and the wine had turned to vinager.  I was afraid to use it so out it went but when I opened the second bottle, it had turned to a sherry as fine as I have ever had.  

When I read your post, I thought you resembled that fine sherry.  I think you will be fine and will naturally lead the way by example for others like me.  Thanx.  Libzo

Avatar universal
by libzo1, Sep 11, 2011
PS  you have really helped me to be braver about beginning treatment on the 13 of Sept.  I want to be prepared.  Here is my shopping list - please make adjustments you think might help:

high fat foods to take meds with - whole grain breads, pound cake, natural peanut butter, many cheeses - cream, edam, gouda, hi-fat yogurts, whole milk, ice-creams, with equal or close amounts of green roughage such as fruit, nuts, salads, steamed veges.  All good on paper but in reality, the microwave and frozen meals may be my mother.   For comfort: Tucks, Boudreaus Butt Paste, softest TP, gentle wipes, home sitz bath (?), gallons and gallons of water, gingerale and decaf everything, Chie tea.  Rash soothers: Benedryl, Gold Bond, check out for safe creams....  

Again thanx

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