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Our newest addition to the family

Aug 27, 2011 - 10 comments

So as if an African Grey parrot, a cockatiel, a parrotlet, a daschund/minpin mix dog, 2 kids under 3 years, and one on the way weren't enough...we got a new dog., seriously, with the fenced yard and the big house it's not an issue.

She's an Australian Shepherd/blue heeler mix, about a year old...heartworm neg, spayed, all shots...and she's absolutely wonderful with the kids. In fact, she herded my son away from the fence earlier because we were calling him back and he wasn't listening. No food aggression, toy aggression, etc...she's so adorable.

Just wanted to share with fellow dog lovers...still on bedrest, but I get to watch the family playing together and that's still fun!

now she needs a name...her name is Daisy but I'm not diggin' it, and she doesn't really we're coming up with something else.

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by Ashelen, Aug 27, 2011
Well since she's an Aussie dog mixed with an Aussie dog...we wanted something daughter picked out Mayamaya which apparently means "dog" in, Maya it is!

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by katie761, Aug 27, 2011
haha girl you sound like me i just got a baby bunny last week as soon as i got home from indiana, i now have 4 animals in my room and have to make room for baby too lol. and we also have four cats, and i wanted to get another bunny but it might be to much, but im the biggest animal lover in the world lol, and im going to school to work with animals. :) they are the best thing when you are upset though. I love ha you love animals also. and your dog is adorable by the way :)

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by Ashelen, Aug 27, 2011
Thank you she's a sweetie and fitting into the family very quickly.

I love bunnies!but be careful with the ammonia in their's really bad for a newborn to breathe so you might want to think about having them in another room when the baby's born :-).

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by AUSTIN431, Aug 27, 2011
what a sweet girl she's so beautiful good name too

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by katie761, Aug 27, 2011
yeah i agree with that, im actually not suppose to be in a room with that because im pregnant, but i constantly clean my cages lol, i have like OCD when it comes to that.

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by turkee23, Aug 27, 2011
she is BEAUTIFUL!!!! im a cat person!.....i have 12 animals, dog, cat, lizards, snakes, senegal parrot and a cockateal.

i LOVE the name daisy, well because i just put my daisy down =( she was a wonderful dog.  but if it doesnt fit her and she doesnt respond changing her name wouldnt be a big deal

just some ideas
Sooky Animal or person who is soft or tame (slang)
Shelia a woman (slang) (opposite of a "bloke"or guy)
Kiah "from the beautiful place"
Kora a companion


let us know what you choose!....hope all is well

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by Ashelen, Aug 27, 2011
Omg the names you chose are so funny...not because they're bad or anything, let me tell you why.

Ok first Kiah - my husband already had a dog named that, ironic??
Kora - that's what our other dog is named!!! Well, Cora, but close enough...again, ironic LOL
AND daughter kept saying she wanted to name the pup Zoey because my aunt's dog is named that and she spent last weekend with her.

I like the name Daisy too, but we name pets like we name kids - only one with each name per family, and we already have a Daisy (and a Zoey, much to my daughter's chagrin) in the family lol.

So we gave my daughter a handful of names to pick from and she chose's aboriginal for "dog" so we call her "maya". We figured that since she's twice the Aussie (Australian shepherd mixed with australian cattle dog) we might as well stick with her roots for the name.

But you have some AWESOME taste it names, Turkee ;-)..I think it's so funny that we have/had the same idea for names.

What is your senegal's name? My 'tiel is named Bowdee (my daughter named him) and the parrotlet is Tinkerbell (, we sure let her name a lot of our pets...LOL)...and my african grey is Ashelen, but we call him "Ashe" ;-)

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by SunWorshiper_26, Aug 27, 2011
Welcome Home Maya!!!  Yay!!!!  How freakin exciting!!!!!

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by katie761, Aug 27, 2011
i like the names you guys came up with, haha my animals all have weird names, but thats because im a weird person. my four cats names are, smokey, jasper, sabre, and tigger. and then my conures name is charlie, my two rats names are raffy and diablo, and our new addition to the family which is my new bunny, his name is ceasar lol, we have all boy animals :)

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by sweetpea03, Aug 28, 2011
Cute dog!! Blue heelers are awesome. My dog is part Blue Heeler, you can see it in her coloring as a puppy. They are very intelligent dogs and the breed is usually high energy, so make sure to run the dog a lot or else they can become mischievous. Welcome home Maya! I'm sure the dog will be great.

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