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Please I need help

Oct 01, 2008 - 0 comments

Dear Dr.
I am 24 years old guy who is living in North Europe. I had unprotected sex with one strange girl 2 years ago, after 2 weeks I got sore around anal area, but I went to Doctor and he told me that it was perianal abscess, since then my semen looks sometimes chocolate in color or blood. However, I had a surgery for the abscess and moreover I had even tested for several STD diseases for many times and the result was all negative. After one year again I went to hospital cos I was really feeling genital discomfort, frequent urination, bloody semen, itching around anal area, pain around lower abdomen and pelvic area as well. That time the doctor ordered me to have PSA test and the result was a little bit high. Now my problem is about chocolate or bloody semen for 2 years. Please I would like to ask you politely to give me your advice cos this people couldnt help , as I am a foreign student in here. I am just thinking that it may be some cancer problem, but I dont know that. To your surprise all the blood count are oke, there is no even problem with all the blood test. My problem is again around genital and anal areas-itching, and the semen too. I hope I will get your detail advice as soon as possible. Thank you for your help!

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