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mood swings

Aug 28, 2011 - 0 comments

First off, had blood drawn on friday for a hcg blood test, since the urine test was neg (like i told them it would be) only problem with this is that my doctors office is closed all weeked =/ so ill have to wait till monday to get the results, i hope at least. Ill call them before i go into work if i dont get the results before then.

My mood swings were horrible day, snapping for no reason at all, crying and feeling sad and weepy all day, for nothing, idk. also lots of abdominal pressure and gas (though im linking these two together) breasts and nipps still sore, and abdomen a little hard and twitchy at times.
Still not attributing anything to pregnancy till i get the results of the hcg test back, i hate waiting, im driving myself crazy!

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