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Aug 28, 2011 - 1 comments






okay i went to have my ultrasound and all was normal from what the techs said then doc comes in anad says he had some bad news that i had little water surrounding baby and he was very small not even 4lbs so i have to go every week to have scans at the hospital and the ob, i am so scared i have lost weight not gained and i have been eating! my clothes that were fittting me a week ago are loose now! im scared to death and so so worried for my baby boy, i dont understand these doctors m just another # to them it seems all they do is weigh and listen to heartbeat and now all the bad news at the last month its horrible, my feet and legs started swelling yesterday has got worse since last night like hurts to even stand up more less walk nothing else is wellling ? so im confused and worried cant sleep, baby is doing flips it feelas like any way, and is painful he moves alot! i dont feel pregnant any more even though i know he is in there i just dont feel attached i guess is the word im looking for i stopped buying baby things because i know all to well what its like to carry a baby and have one born and not be able to cry.... i have cried until im literally about to have a break down, the doctors have changed my meds so many times since pregnancy and i strongly believe in my heart the medication i am taking is the reason my baby and i am not healthy, so i asked to be weined down some then my tummy, i feel tremmors its scary i can handle on my own but a innocent baby having to deal with withdrawls is horrible! doctors are so quick to prescribe you medications for depression, stress, anziety and even pain medicine whats the out come? exactly what im going through, i trus.ted these doctors so very much and they are wack

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by margypops, Aug 29, 2011
May I ask what meds they have prescribed for you I am sorry you feel so bad could be anxiety making you fear the worst for the baby are you feeling today ?You can always go for a second opinion .lets start to think positively that all is going to be okay ..

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