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AFib 9:35 - 11:05AM

Aug 31, 2011 - 1 comments

Just came on suddenly while I just got a bowl of frozen blueberries from the freezer. Felt like a roller coaster of emotion. When my AFib was really beating hard/fast I felt anxious and weak. When it slowed down, I didn't feel very anxious & I felt like I could do things. Am I adjusting to life with AFib? That is kinda sad in some ways, but good in others...I guess. I am still averaging 1 event a week. Have til the end of 5 more weeks to go before I see my cariologist. Oh joy, 5 more events!

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by MotherMom, Aug 31, 2011
Forgot to post the event info: 90/69 P135 (weird!)@ 9:35am, 101/76 P77 @9:38, 103/78 P128 @9:40, 129/98 P121 @9:52 (Took 300mg Flecainide), 152/116 P132 (Felt the worst here!) @ 9:56, 122/82 P82 @ 10:02, 116/80 P126 @ 10:10, 99/79 P74 (Didn't feel like it! Felt faster!)@ 10:18, 114/77 P72 @10:22, 125/96 P122 (Just walked from kitchen to recliner)@ 10:43, 129/71 P67 @ 10:50, 104/70 P74@ 11:05--NSR!
I know I take a lot of BP readings, but I like to log what's going on with my BP & R with how I'm feeling, to see if there is a corellation. Seems to be one between high BP/R & weakness/fatigue.

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